Friday, October 12, 2007

-_-....I'm fishing...nobody knows whether I can catch a fish or not...

So far...-_-;;;honestly, there is no development on my research project. I found 4 articles and 1book...and I made survey and interview questions, yet the articles are just related with my topic, but these are unnutrious. Futhermore, 1book is now in the Bloor library which is the biggest one in Toronto, and the book is only for reference. I couldn't get the time to look for useful information about my topic in the book. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! However!!!
It will be reversed~ on this weekend. I'm immensly sure about it. I have a plan to go downtown to conduct survey and to have interview. Even if there will be a risk that I can't find buskers who will participate in my conducting survey and interview due to the rain, I will do my best.
Just Expect!!! my face on next monday~~~~ Smile~or~Cry...;

Sunday, September 30, 2007

This week's post

My topic is very well known to be difficult to get meterial in my class. It is "Busker". Altough after they knew my topic, everybody suggested changing my topic to me, I don't want to avandon the topic. It would seem to make me experience hard time, but I have been enjoyed working on it since I started the research project with this topic. Initially, what I would like to know about the buskers was the purpose of their busking. I don't know still whether busking is for filling their minds with their enthusiasm or for gaining money. I hope that they perform their fantastic arts to fill their minds with their enthusiasm. Anyway, I don't think that I have learned something about my topic exactly. It indicates that I have to work on it harder. I will do it. So far, I got just few things for my research project such as movie, picture and articles, yet there is no nutrious meterial in these. For next week, I have a plan to go downtown. It is for carring out my survey and interview to buskers. Generally, the survey is conducting by normal people. As my topic is unusual, my survey will be finished little differently from general cases. Then, I will try to find good resources for my research project on condition that I have more timem. Just expact~the resul of my research splendid project.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The speech...

Steve Jobs who is a ceo of Apple and Pixar Animation had speech about his life in a university. There were 3 advices for students graduating the university with examples based on his life. He menthioned trusting oneself for his first advice. He got the students the advice with an example of the process of his making company. According to him, trusting oneself can make all different thing from the past as his life. Moreover, he stated not regreting and loving what one as oneself did with an example of his time in the company. Additionally, he asserted using the life time limited effeciently with his experience of sufferring from cancer. To sum up, what he wanted to advise was doing your job what you love, need, are satisfied without regreting the past.
I was very surprised when I finished listening to this. Before, I convinced that only the famous people who already died long ago could be heros or heroines through the process of thier very difficult life, but his life what Steve Jobs menthioned for examples made my belife reversed. Actually, I have the same mind as him. In my childhood, my father advised me that there is no time to care about my past, but only the time to care about my future, and every body is getting stronger through undergoing or experiencing something as what I did mistakes. Thus, I am as myself now probably in spite of the fact that I am not yet enough as normal. ^^ Anyway, it was such a nice video that it reminded me what my father advised in my childhood time....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

Before watching the movie, I imagined that the story of movie would be very light and childish because of the name of movie. However, the movie reversed my imgination. Althought all of characters except Olive are extremely unusual, these belog to our society. An incometent, drug adict, gay, working mother, believer in Niezsch have each big problem. Nevertheless, they unite together, and the result becomes fantatstic marvelously though the process was terrible. I have never imagined the family with people like the characters in the movie. Thus, I don't know still weather it is usual or not, yet I realize what is the most essential to family. That is real love for each member. Certainly, money, social status, personality, or so on, are important, yet to judge what is the most necessary to family after watching this movie, the judgement is that nothing is more necessary than lover ofr each other.
The movie was great!!! I want to recommend this movie to my busy friends who will be perhaps father or mother soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This guy!!!! Focus on it!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

About me...

I know it is late~ that I post my introduction on my blog right now, but please focuce on it with excusing me. I was born in South Korea which is a splendid country, in 1986. When my mother had me as baby, she dreamed that there was extrem white light on a extrem high hill, so my name indicates the light on a high hill; however I have never felt that I will be a very famous guy as the indication of my name. I hope for being a extrem famous guy in my future. I was a freshman in my university in Korea, and as you know, I am a proud YUELI student. Now, I have a plan to apply to York University, and I am trying to do my best for reversing my life what I have made although I don't know still whether I can apply to York University with my shameful eveluation in my high scholl or not...I believe that anything in future is possible even if it is unimaginable. Thus, I don't regret my life which is until now, nor do I abandon it. Just...there is only the sentence in my mind and brain..
"Keep Going"~k~